Vaccination & Heartworm Pricing for Dogs & Cats 2017 - 

  Vaccines are priced as $69.95 Vet Health Check + $20 for the vaccination (C5/C3/F3) but 2 Credits can be applied- 

      1.  On Time Discount gives you
$10 OFF at the time on Flea, Tick & Worming Products (already well priced) 
      2.  Facebook Following gives you a
$10 OFF in the Boutique petshop (must show reception on your phone at the time)

(Click here for Boutique Pet Shop pictures). The On Time Discount means bringing your pet for vaccination anytime in their due month, at both CCVC North Wyong or 6Brooks Avenue North Gosford. Please phone to book. We use the high quality vaccines. Dog 5 Component Kennel Cough/Parainfluenza & 3yr Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis. All your pets can get the on time discount but the additional facebook following discount is limited to your first pet only each year. 

Yearly Heartworm Injection -Dogs

 <10kg        $69.99         10- 20kg  $89.99    
   20- 30kg  $99.99         30- 40kg  $119.99 
  40- 55kg   $149.99       55- 65kg  $179      

More Price Lists Below (for our Vaccinated Clients)
Microchipping  $29.95

Routine Vet Consults $49.95 (weekly afternoon consults 2pm to 5.15pm)
Saturday Vet Consults $59.95
Anal Gland Expression $15
Nail Clipping $10 for our normal vaccinated pets (non aggressive).

Desexings- Dog and Cat and Rabbit Desexings & Litter Prices Please Call for pricing

Dental Scale & Polish - see our Facebook or CLICK HERE for details & Pictures

Advanced Orthopaedic Surgical & Medical Teams - see orthopaedic page for cranial cruciate repair prices like TTA / TPLO or DeAngelis, Medial Luxating Patella or Hip & Pelvic surgeries etc.

On Time Vaccine Discounts & Credits-  The aim is to encourage pet owners to bring their pet in each year on their due month. The benefit of a once-the-year Vet Health Check for a pet is like going to the doctor for us once in every 6-8 years! Early detection & prevention is always best and vets are checking many things like their heart, chest, abdomen & lymph nodes. 


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